Why We Started The CBD Group Purchasing Club – GPOCBD:

By now, everyone has seen pharmacy discount card commercials – First the price is $98 then with the card, it miraculously drops to just $17. How is this possible? The answer is simple, the average person is overcharged because they’re independent shoppers. They have no leverage and no choice but to pay full retail. However, buying groups enable lower pricing through group purchasing. 

In the CBD industry, most shoppers are also being overcharged. GPO-CBD is changing this through its national wholesale club. Our products, just like Generic Pharmaceuticals, are bio equivalent to the high-priced CBD brands. Ours are made in FDA certified, USA factories that comply with the highest standards required to provide safe and effective products. Yet, they are priced at significant discounts to retail. 

Our members get great value. For example, our 2,000 mg CBD intensive relief rub retails for more than $110 but members purchase it for just $49. A 400 mg CBD bag of gummies that retails for $40 is provided to members for just $15. And a 2 pack of premium pre-rolls that retails for $20 can be purchased for just $10. So, join now, membership is Free, you just have to make your first purchase!

Quality Assured

All of our products are of the highest quality – Sourced from the finest hemp varieties and manufactured in FDA inspected, GMP & CDPHE certified labs & factories. 

Anyone Can Join!

All our members save money on their CBD purchases; and, many earn substantial income selling our exceptional products at fantastic prices to friends, family, neighbors, and even retail stores.

Focused on Value

GPO-CBD offers innovative products that deliver the highest quality results at exceptional prices. Our solutions improve the quality of lives without the risk of addiction and the other troublesome side effects of opioids.